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Why Us

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We are the only direct hire search and consulting firm working exclusively in the local manufacturing industry, serving the Greater Muskegon Area.

We offer:

  • Specialization in hard to fill manufacturing roles.

  • Placement guarantees longer than industry standards.

  • Access to actively working talent seeking the right opportunity.

  • Proven results in sourcing the RIGHT talent, instead of simply processing online or paper applications.

  • Customized talent searches that are openly advertised or strictly confidential.

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  • Ourselves – WORK LOCAL, live, play and dream in the Greater Muskegon Area!

  • Know your product and as much as we can about your company.

  • Are selective in the assignments we accept; accepting only assignments we are confident we can timely fill.

  • Keep confidential searches, confidential – for both client company as noted and always for the candidates.

  • Work tirelessly to attract skilled talent from outside our immediate area to the Greater Muskegon Area.

  • Find the right placement both for the talent and the company – an advantage not possible when using in-house recruiters to fill in-house roles.

  • Use personal contact; not disruptive, out of state A/I generated emails and phone calls that are a ruse to entice your existing talent away from you.

  • Are committed to our community businesses and residents so we can all remain living, working, playing and dreaming here - long term.

Client companies pay only on placement of talent.

We promise to impress you with our unique process, exemplary customer service, quality of talent and speed of results.

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